Monday, May 17, 2010

It all started with a cookie…

Well maybe not all… last week my exercise was a bit spotty. I did Callanetics and Zumba Monday and then I did Zumba again on Tuesday. Wednesday I went horse riding though I took it super easy. Thursday and Friday were exercise fails… Then on Thursday my coworker set a double fudge cookie on my desk..I couldn’t say no now could I? So anyhow I “fell” off my low carb plan since Thursday. I planned on getting back on today after helping my sis move this weekend but I just was to wiped to really get behind the planning.

Here is the thing though. I’m not looking at this as a FAIL…I see several pluses to my situation.

1. I have not gained any weight back. While I did not lose any last week I held steady.
2. Even though I wasn’t strict to plan I didn’t binge either as I have had a tendency to do in the past.
3. I am ready to get going again..
4. I’m not consumed with guilt and self loathing as I would have been in the past. More of just a shrug and ready to mount up and get moving again.

The keystone of this plan of mine is to get to bed at a decent time tonight. I have been running at 110% all month no real downtime. I have got to get an extended portion of good quality sleep tonight. Which means when I get off work at 5 I have to change and run to the stables to ride for an hour and half. I HAVE to be home at seven to eat, make breakfast and lunches for tomorrow. Then I must clean the pet boxes all in an hour so I can be in bed by 8 or 8:30 at the latest. It’s going to be a bit tight but I think I can make it. Tomorrow I need to make up my run and do Callanetics. I won’t be doing Zumba tomorrow because they are having some charity event that I would have to pay to attend.

"Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did."

I may have to revise my 230 goal by July as we only have 7 weeks to go and I still need to lose 18 lbs. We shall see though. Sometimes you can have a big loss in one week so I’m not going to be disappointed if I can’t make it but I am still going to push for it.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just a small vent I promise

Ok I am going to complain.. just a bit I promise. My vent is simple math… According to fitday I burn 3000 calories a day being alive.. I know that is not true. I WISH my metabolism was that fast but its not so lets say that I burn 2000 a day that seems pretty average for me and when I eat that much in a day I don’t gain which means there is no calorie surplus.. So base 2000 a day… I am currently eating 1200-1500 calories a day. Which means I am eating between 800-500 calories a day UNDER what I am burning. In addition I am working out pretty much EVERY day. Burning and additional 500-1000 calories a day (working out for 75-120 mins a day) So if we average that out I am using close to 1400 calories more every day that I’m consuming Right?

If one pound of fat is approximately 3500 calories I should be going through about 1/3 lb a DAY.. in a week that is 2.3 lbs. Which is reasonable weekly weight loss RIGHT?? This week the scale has refused to budge even going up a few lbs.

Ok I KNOW it’s the TOM and I KNOW that I have a tendency to retain water. I am just expressing my exasperation with how illogical weight loss is. I am an old hand at it. I know there are plateaus and then times when you drop a bunch for no apparent reason. I just wish it would follow a nice staid formula.
Weight loss should be MATH so many people seem to think it is but sadly for many of us it doesn’t appear to follow any formula I have the skill to figure out.

So I shall stick with it I imagine in a few week (inside Im praying for days or hours even) I will be able to report a new weight loss victory until this I send this with all my heart to my scale and metabolism.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Edging Forward

This weekend was tough. Working and grazing all day does not lend itself to a low carb lifestyle.

I was however very active since I was painting for hours at a time and according to my fitday that counts as exercise .

I have been dragging a bit this week. I think it has more to do with the TOM than the busy weekend since lately all my weekends have been busy.

I could not FORCE myself to run yesterday morning  I was and still am feeling quite bedraggled      
See illustration to the right ----->
but I did do callinetics and then I did Zumba at the gym in the evening so I think I more than made up for it. Sadly I won’t be able to ride this week as the stables are at a show and I will be gone next weekend so I am going to be a couple rides behind. I am missing my riding and seriously hope I’m not going to back track when I finally get back on a horse.

Once again I am admittedly dragging my feet to graduate to the next level of Cto5K. I’m going to repeat week 5 this week. Particularly the 2 8 minute runs. That was pretty tough for me next Friday I am pretty sure I’m not ready to graduate to running 20 minutes straight. I might try it next Monday but we shall have to see.
I have also been trying to figure out how to change the appearance on my blog. I will need to teach myself some basic HTML and such. My beloved husband did the little banner I added and I put the text with it. Isn’t it CUTE!

On a side note I may have to fire whomever made coffee this morning its so weak and nasty. I definitely need something stronger to kick my butt into gear today!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


THE SCALE said I’m down 2 lbs!! I have not see the 240’s for 8 or 9 years… *does a little dance* This also means I am on track for my goal of 2 lbs a week to get down to 230 by July. Hope I can do it!

I am off to Zumba again tonight. I’m expecting it to be pretty tough as I am exquisitely sore today. The backs of my calves and strangely enough my back rib area are making themselves heard loud and clear in four letter expletives well they would if they could actually talk.  I am thrilled about both areas as back fat is one of my most hated attributes and I want it along its merry journey wherever fat goes when it dies and my calves are larger than average so I can’t wear any of those cute knee high boots.  You know the ones that look adorable with skirts *sob* poor me.

However!!  I have it on good authority I don’t have cankles. A terrible word I discovered when looking for ways to trim down my calves after a pair of half chaps I bought did not fit. In horror I polled people close to me and they reassured me that I do not have cankles *phew* one less thing to worry about right lol. I am sure the world would keep spinning if I did indeed suffer from this condition but .. well you know

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ohhh my aching…everything

o I FINALLY tried Zumba last night.  It was awesome and oh so hard.  Good news is I will be able to strive to reach the teachers energy level for all of eternity.  Meaning I will never get complacent or bored lol.  I woke up and did my Callanetics and Run this morning… I was feeling it.  I didn’t realize the CtoK program had me running 8 minutes at a time.  The first stretch of running seemed to never end and then on the second I decided my podcast must be broken and about 6.5 minutes into it I had to drop to a walk.  Considering I had worked out so hard 10 hrs before I’m counting it as a WIN!  First time in my life I have run for an 8 minute stretch!  I think on Friday I should be able to manage both 8 minutes.  I amnot so sure if I’m ready to move to the next week though.  Have to see how it goes. 

 I am pretty certain I’ve lost a pound.  Why the lingering uncertainty you ask?  Because my scale fluctuated up and down this morning so I will check it tomorrow and see what it says. 

I have been working really hard to harness the energy of my up phase in preparation for my down phase (erratically consistent after all) So far so good.  Most goals I have for this month are right on track or even a little ahead of schedule. 

Pretty broke right now we have to get some work done on our home that’s gonna hurt and I desperately need new tires.  Ouch..

I am considering trying a spinning class.  They have them on Tues and Thurs at 5:30am which fits perfectly into my schedule.  I’m just not sure if I can handle that in the am and Zumba in the PM so I will keep eying it for awhile until I feel my fitness level is high enough to try something like that.  The nice thing about belonging to the gym are the class options.  There is a Chisel class right before my Zumba class I can show up a few minutes late and do it before but that also will be awhile need to get stronger first.