Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Today is the Shrinkvivor Kickoff!

Trying not to be negative about it..not the challenge itself that sounds like a lot of fun.  I mean not obsessing about how soon I am going to be voted off my team..paranoia kicks in lol.  My WL has been so erratic of late.  I will suddenly for no apparent reason drop 3 lbs or then go up and hang onto 1 or 2 its still consistently going the right direction so I'm not going to complain.  I just hope its consistent enough to stay on the team for a bit.  My goal is to get to 200 by end of the year.  If I can do it in the 7 weeks of shrinkvivor that would be great but that means I need to consistently drop 2.4lbs a week...not sure that will happen :) will do my best though!

We have been having car trouble this week.  Got the brakes done last week and the check hasn't even cleared and the car broke down.  The rear driver wheel made a weird noise and started waivering.  My huzby got off the road and made it to a 7'11 2 days and hours and hours of waiting later it made it onto a towtruck at which point the rear wheel just fell the lug nuts and hub cap are still there the whole WHEEL fell off...yah I know my husband is so incredibly fortunate he got off the road and it didnt happen when he was going 70 down the freeway in traffic.  I am trying not think on that too much.

I have been practicing drill team for riding.  Its basically synchronized riding we have 6 riders doing circles and  figure 8's as pairs.  Romeo has never been ridden with a bunch of people and noise around.  I'm a little worried about how well I'm going to be able to focus him.  I think it will be a great experience though and am very excited about it!

Massage school is going great.  I have been doing massive amounts of massage.  You would think I would have dropped some weight but I console myself with the fact that my arms are definitely toning up and people think I have dropped more weight lol so I must be losing inches.  I am really amazed at how involved I am while massaging.  I was a little worried my mind would wander and I would get bored but so far that is the farthest thing from the truth!!  Yay.  Now if I can graduate and build a clientele life will be grand!
Here is the Shrinkvivor initial weigh in! 

Friday, September 23, 2011


Wow its been 3 months since I've checked in!  Craziness.  The summer as you can tell has been hectic.  On top of my usual activities I have started a massage certification program that takes up all Saturday and Wednesday nights so on top of working 45 hrs a week Im in school another 10 and I need to do 6 hours of massages outside of school.  Add that on to my riding, spending time with my husband and caring for my home and pets I am beyond busy.  

I have not been "working out" per se.  I have however been riding 2-3 times a week and giving massages almost daily which are both calorie burning activities.  I am still trying to squeeze workouts in the morning but I have been too tired to get my butt up in time so far.
I have joined a new challenge.  Its called Shrinkvivor.. I am a little nervous it sounds kinda harcore and you can get kicked out of your team which worries me lol.  I am sure it will be fun.  I have continued gradually to lose weight.  I am down to 215.  My goal is to get to 200lb by January.  Its doable but a bit of a stretch with my current schedule.  We shall see how it goes!