This blog is to chronicle my journey toward consistent healthfulness.  I am 34 and in the middle of several important journeys.  Mainly I will be blogging about my struggle to be healthier and lose weight.  My start weight was 303lbs as of May 2009 since then I have lost 51lbs now weighing 252.  My first big goal is to get to 190.  From there we will see. 

My biggest struggle is consistency.  I was born with the attention span of a goldfish.  I lose interest in things after about 2 weeks.  For years I have attempted to stick it out with “will power” alone but I am devising a new strategy of working with this personality quirk whenever possible. 

Healthwise despite my weight I am am not suffering from any severe maladies.  I do have PCOS which throws an additional stick in my already square wheels.

Anyhow I will talk more about that in my blog posts.  More about me I am married to a wonderful man who keeps my life interesting and makes me laugh.  I live in a small city nestled in the golden hills of northern California.  We have 3 dogs and 2 cats.  A sampling of my extensive list of hobbies is: Reading, Horse riding, Gardening, Gaming (board, paper and video), Writing, Drawing and sculpting etc…