Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Week 5 or is it 4?

Wow can't believe its already the 5th weigh in for Shrinkvivor.  I am happy to report I have not yet been exiled.  I might be by tomorrow but I can deal with it if it happens lol the idea of exile still feels like being sent to the corner.

I have been feeling bad every week when one of our team mates gets exiled.  I am still unclear how its being decided I think either lowest weight loss or someone votes them off?  

Anyhow enough obsessing about that.  I have been so overwhelmingly busy (that's a surprise right?) that I have not been as focused on weight loss as I would like to be (read as: my food choices have been highly suspect)  School is going AWESOME.  I had my first massage practical and got excellent feedback and compliments!  I have (with my my husbands artistic and design assistance) designed and sent to print my business cards and I have a page holding the spot for my webpage its a little hokey but its temporary until the real one can get launched.  

On top of all this I am participating in a small horse show this Saturday *gulp* first I run from school to the ranch and do the drill team in front of the audience...this is on a horse that has NEVER been in a show.  I am so nervous about how he is going to react.  My goal is not to run into anyone OR fall off.  If I have to choose between them I would go with the former.  After the drill team I am competing in walk, trot and then a trotting race.  There is another one where you take the saddles off and tuck a dollar under your leg to see who can keep it there longest.  I have never barebacked Romeo.  I keep meaning to but haven't gotten around to it.  I'm thinking this may not be the best time lol.  Anyhow that is what I have been up to.  

Oh and I have been losing some weight.  I weighed in the morning at 211.4 only 11.4 lbs away from my January 1st goal.  I really hope I can make it!