• I think I need to start dating these so I can track them so Today March 4th I report that I am signing up for another 5K for April 16th.  My GOAL is to run the whole race and/or get my time under 40 minutes.  Looking forward to it!
  • I am committing to a 5K run in GULP less than a month.  This may be slightly insane considering that I have not been running for the past 6 months and have yet to run 5 consecutive kilometers ...but I Shrug worst that happens is I go over the finish line last because I walked A LOT...anyhow as soon as I can go up the stairs without wheezing I will be starting some serious training!! Update -The run was a lot of fun I'm going to be doing more!

  • Chew each bite of food 30 times maximizing nutritional benefits and eating less. Update - Still working on this 30 years of eating to fast takes a lot of work to break!

  • Drink 8-12 cups of water a day.Update - Been doing a lot better.  My current goal is 1 gallon a day.