Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I did it!

I wogged the 5K on Saturday it was beautiful.  I sadly was not feeling very well.  I’m not sure why but I finished!  It was a gorgeous location and the weather was perfect a tad chilly but that might be a good thing helping keep my face to a lighter shade of purple.  My time was about the same as at the gym.  I am planning on doing another one end of January.  My goal is to be able to run the WHOLE thing!

I am planning on getting back to Zumba next week at least once a week.  Running at least once a week and riding three times a week.  Ideally I will Zumba twice, Run twice, Ride three times and possibly the occasional spinning class.  I like the variety.  

 I need to kick myself out of this funk.  I have been so beat.  Hopefully the four day weekend will restore my stamina.  The cold weather makes it tougher for me to get moving and it also makes me crave sweet and fatty food even more than usual.  Anyhow at least I DID my first 5K!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Arrrgh the pain!

Ok it’s not quite that bad but my bum is sore to be more specific the side muscles of my bum (see diagram).  I have learned what muscle it is I think... the Gluteus Medius .  I have always been a bit weak there that hip area cramps up and gets tight.  Apparently its big in helping you keep stabilized.  I will need to be very careful not to hurt myself because from what I’ve read a lot of runners injuries can stem from a weak Gluteus Medius.

I was able to pare 2 minutes off  how long it takes me to run 5K I’m at 43 minutes now.  I really pushed my limits though so I am not sure I will be able to do the 35 in time.  I will just do my best!
I haven’t been eating very well this week.  I didn’t plan out meals so have been going the easy (aka unhealthy route) for dinner.  Gotta get back on top of that sigh. 

I wanted to go riding this morning before work but was just too sore.  I might try again tomorrow morning.  I really want to ride at least three times a week!!
CLUTTER BLINDNESS: Affliction where eyes exposed to long-term clutter lose all will to focus and commit visual hara kiri.
This weekend  my Mum is coming over and we are going to be working on rearranging and decluttering pretty much everything in our home.  I saw a commercial for a show called "Hoarders"  It freaked me out good.We have a small place with lots of animals and roommates yet i want to be able to be "clean" we have been here for almost 3 years and have collected a lot of new stuff.  So we shall be going on a cleaning and simplifying binge.  That will probably hurt more than my bum does currently...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Now I know what I want!

I finally began my training.  My cold has hung on a little but I worked past it.  I have determined that It takes me 45 minutes to "Wog" 5K  I would like to cut that down to 35 minutes that is my goal.  I would like to point out that I had already exercised when I determined that time so rested I might be able to go a little faster.  So now if I can push on without hurting myself I should be able to see some progress in the two weeks before my 5K. 
I haven't lost any more weight but I have still been getting a lot of riding in.  I have stepped up my rides I do a lot more trotting and we are working on cantering now.  I love riding.  I love being around horses.  I love how the smell how the move and the expressions they get on their beautiful faces (they are extremely expressive with their eyes and ears). 

I unfroze my gym membership.  I want to start back at Zumba a couple times a week but will wait until after the 5 K I need to build up my speed as a first priority.  I also need to figure out a good upper body workout.  Most stuff I do is great for the lower body.  Riding has really started trimming and shaping my legs and running does the same.  Sadly the area I really need work is my arms and back.  Maybe I can try a sculpting class or something?  We will have to see.