Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The cruise was wonderful!  The weather great and the food and company amazing.  I stuck to my goals and worked out 7 out of 10 days.  Huzby and I signed up for Pilates and I ran and used the elliptical several times.  I also shunned the elevator and only used stairs.  Beyond that I ate what I wanted.  When I got back I weighed myself and was up only 1 lb then this morning I checked again and I am down!! 228.3 woohoo.  Now I just need to get back to exercising.  I rode this week but haven't done much else sigh.  I am back to being tired I guess I got used to having a nice nap lol. 

We did get a bit of a bombshell dropped on us day before our vacation.  Our roomates informed us they were moving out in a couple weeks.  Horrible timing and it puts us in a rough spot.  We will figure it out though.  

Lets see what else.  I really need to post some pictures of my garden.  The climbing rose is FULL of blooms and I have almost everything where I want it.  The only major purchase left is the pond stuff.  I really need to paint the bench as well.  I have the paint hopefully I can get to it this weekend!

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