Monday, February 28, 2011

My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.

Time for another push.  I am making a goal of another 20 lbs lost by May to bring me down to the lovely number 220.  That is close to weekly weight loss guidelines about 2lbs a week.  My plan is to cut down on portions further and make healthier choices.  I'm not going to count carbs but plan on making low carb choices.

I was fairly active this weekend I dared to Rollerblade (Still in one piece O.O) on Saturday and Riding on Sunday.  I am planning on riding  again this evening and possibly going to Zumba will have to see if I have time for both.  Riding is the priority I really want to see some progress in my ability.  I feel like I have gotten stuck not really getting any better.  Currently I am blaming it on the cold weather but that excuse is going to expire so I must get my bum in gear!
Exciting physical activity of the year is *drum rolllllllll* wait for it wait for it.....    
I have always wanted to give it a whirl before 2011 gasps its last breath I shall have have paddled around on some body of water or other hopefully with my head above the water not under... We all gots ta have goals right?. 

I wish I felt more energetic about this whole thing.  I do feel determined so forward ho.  Bit by bit to the final goal.  

On a completely unrelated note I got my hands on a toaster oven and plan to start doing some polymer sculpting.  If I like how things turn out I shall post pictures :) I have plans and schemes and goals.  If I can just keep paddling till I achieve some of them!

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