Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just because this amount of cuteness MUST be shared

I open this post with an official SQUEE!
  How can anyone not giggle and coo at the above cuteness!  I have a serious love of animals.  I think my wires got crossed and any actual maternal instinct got  have got sent to my love of furred friends.  Don't get me wrong I like children and babies but for me to really get excited it takes a furry friend.  I will drop everything and run to a cute critter emitting noise reminiscent of a boiling teakettle ready to pet and cuddle the cuteness.  I struggle to resist that urge as A) I look a tad insane and B) I would terrify the object of my affection.  Something akin to Elmyra from the tiny toons. See illustration!

Ok back on track.  I am down 1.4 lbs.  Been working it hard this week.  I am logging my food on Fitday and I went for a run yesterday.  I bought a bunch of celery for a healthy snack and a bit of hummus which in small doses is also healthy.  As  a treat I am allowing myself 1 Tablespoon of PB on Celery.  Something that is filling and tasty!

I have been doing much better with my water intake and been taking massive quantities of vitamins to try to get my immune system back up.  I'm still on the mega dose of Vitamin D and today is the first time I woke up before my alarm and while I did lay in bed I actually felt good.. still feeling decent.  Hope this is a new trend!  Tonight I go riding! 

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