Monday, April 19, 2010

Busy weekend fighting guilt

I was VERY active this weekend and yet because I did not do a structured DVD or run I keep feeling guilty.  The way this works is I will be sitting at my desk and I will think.."Self your such a bad self because you didn't work out this weekend." This thought flits across my consciousness  leaving a feeling of guilt in its wake.  The thing is I rode for an hour and half and I went on a 45 minute walk.  Both of those are exercise.  It’s my mind playing tricks on me.  Feeling guilty is a habit.  One that I am GOING to break.
 I did really well this weekend.  I got everything done I wanted.  I did not stick low carb but I didn't PIG out either.  As far as this morning I managed to get up at 4:30 but  am sorry to say I didn't get my callanetics or run in.  I did  however do some gardening and completed a prodigious amount of cleaning that was left over from my whirlwind weekend.  I will riding this evening so I will get a workout in today.
 The goal I am working on this week is to chew each bite 30 times.  I read a really interesting article about how chewing your food a lot helps release the foods  nutrition that might otherwise be missed as its ushered along our digestive tract.  These people took it a bit far...chewing 100 times O.o... not sure how that is possible I struggle with 30 the automatic swallow response is powerful.  Of course chewing more means you are eating slower, get full faster and hopefully eat less.  It’s a win win!
 I will be posting my weekly goals on a static page that you can access on the Goals button of the menu bar.  I will keep update progress on my ongoing goals and remove completed ones after awhile. 
You may notice I have added a Picture button.  I saw another blogger have a picture a day goal.  It could be of anything, whatever caught her eye.  I thought it a great idea.  Secondly it will keep me open and observant of my surroundings with eyes open to beauty.  Additionally I will break in my new red digital camera Huzby bought me for our anniversary.  So I'm pretty excited about it!

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