Thursday, October 21, 2010

Re "to infinity" committing

I got sick…once again severely limiting my exercise abilities. As far as the mechanical oracle of doom (aka scale) I haven’t been near its 3 digit sneer for over a week. Do I throw in the towel and accept failure slouched with defeat slinking shame faced from the field of battle before the first blow has been struck. NO!  I shall rise from the ashes like the blazing phoenix glorious in my rebirth… note to self no more writing entries while under the influence of cold medicines

I am planning much to the glee of my under exercised Jack Russell on getting back to my Couch to 5 K Program. I would like to run straight for 5K I was close when I fell off the program last. I will probably need to back up maybe to week 4 or 5 I need to review the graph again. I am also hoping to get my gym membership up and running again next month. Plan Z go with Garfield's excuse: