Monday, October 4, 2010

Poke it with a stick!

Eeew its still alive.  First of all “I told you so”  *crickets chirp* FINE THEN.. “I told me so”.  I have the erratic part down perfect and I am consistently erratic.  Anywho I am still alive.  I have not gained a bunch of weight.  Neither however have I lost a bunch.  Good news is I lost 2.5 lbs without working at it over the course of 3 months.  That is very important for me because not only did I not regain weight I lost which has been the pattern I maintained all my adult life but I was able to still lose a little bit just doing daily activities. 
That being said I am ready for another push.  I really want to try to get into the 230’s this month.  Now if I believed in miracles I would set the goal to 230 but lets not get out of hand.  I am setting it to 235.  That is the recommended loss give or take of a little over 2lbs a week.  Can I do it?  Don’t know will do my best.
I restarted my exercise routine.  I have not been sedentary these past few months.  I decided to continue auxillarying until I drop dead from exhaustion and so far I’m surviving.  I get some activity from service.  I have also been riding a couple times a week which is a good workout.  Whenever I can I take my Milla foo (small Jack Russell Terrier) for a walk.   I’m kicking it up a notch.   Now that I feel I have settled into my service schedule I am ready to throw the exercise ball back into the juggling mix.. lets see how it goes.  Oh and I’m cutting back.  Trying to eat smaller portions again and healthier choices.  I am not doing any strict dietary restriction yet.   I want to wait a week and see how I do with the increased activity and smaller portions.
Oh I also had a MAGNIFICENT family vacation to Yellowstone last month.  Huzby, his parental, my mum and a family friend went.  I will be updating the photo section of this blog with some of my favorite pictures from our trip!



  2. I LOL'ed when I saw that picture and caption. Too funny! Glad you're back to postin'...always enjoy your entries. Glad you're back in the saddle again, and keeping active. *HUGS*

  3. I misssss you, Em! Haven't talked with you in ages! Glad you're alive & kickin'! xoxo