Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Now I know what I want!

I finally began my training.  My cold has hung on a little but I worked past it.  I have determined that It takes me 45 minutes to "Wog" 5K  I would like to cut that down to 35 minutes that is my goal.  I would like to point out that I had already exercised when I determined that time so rested I might be able to go a little faster.  So now if I can push on without hurting myself I should be able to see some progress in the two weeks before my 5K. 
I haven't lost any more weight but I have still been getting a lot of riding in.  I have stepped up my rides I do a lot more trotting and we are working on cantering now.  I love riding.  I love being around horses.  I love how the smell how the move and the expressions they get on their beautiful faces (they are extremely expressive with their eyes and ears). 

I unfroze my gym membership.  I want to start back at Zumba a couple times a week but will wait until after the 5 K I need to build up my speed as a first priority.  I also need to figure out a good upper body workout.  Most stuff I do is great for the lower body.  Riding has really started trimming and shaping my legs and running does the same.  Sadly the area I really need work is my arms and back.  Maybe I can try a sculpting class or something?  We will have to see. 

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