Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Edging Forward

This weekend was tough. Working and grazing all day does not lend itself to a low carb lifestyle.

I was however very active since I was painting for hours at a time and according to my fitday that counts as exercise .

I have been dragging a bit this week. I think it has more to do with the TOM than the busy weekend since lately all my weekends have been busy.

I could not FORCE myself to run yesterday morning  I was and still am feeling quite bedraggled      
See illustration to the right ----->
but I did do callinetics and then I did Zumba at the gym in the evening so I think I more than made up for it. Sadly I won’t be able to ride this week as the stables are at a show and I will be gone next weekend so I am going to be a couple rides behind. I am missing my riding and seriously hope I’m not going to back track when I finally get back on a horse.

Once again I am admittedly dragging my feet to graduate to the next level of Cto5K. I’m going to repeat week 5 this week. Particularly the 2 8 minute runs. That was pretty tough for me next Friday I am pretty sure I’m not ready to graduate to running 20 minutes straight. I might try it next Monday but we shall have to see.
I have also been trying to figure out how to change the appearance on my blog. I will need to teach myself some basic HTML and such. My beloved husband did the little banner I added and I put the text with it. Isn’t it CUTE!

On a side note I may have to fire whomever made coffee this morning its so weak and nasty. I definitely need something stronger to kick my butt into gear today!


  1. it's really hard to get up and go running in the morning. where do you run and what time do you get up? maybe we could run together or something?

  2. I usually run from my home out around the neighborhood behind us. I am hoping to get fast enough to do a loop on the levy. I run early in the am about 6-6:45am. I would love to have a companion if you felt like joining me! We could meet at the Levy or something

  3. I would love to go running with you. :) That is INSANELY early lol but I think it's what i need.
    Get my ass outta bed and start doing something because I need to lose weight.
    i'll message you my number in a few. :)