Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just a small vent I promise

Ok I am going to complain.. just a bit I promise. My vent is simple math… According to fitday I burn 3000 calories a day being alive.. I know that is not true. I WISH my metabolism was that fast but its not so lets say that I burn 2000 a day that seems pretty average for me and when I eat that much in a day I don’t gain which means there is no calorie surplus.. So base 2000 a day… I am currently eating 1200-1500 calories a day. Which means I am eating between 800-500 calories a day UNDER what I am burning. In addition I am working out pretty much EVERY day. Burning and additional 500-1000 calories a day (working out for 75-120 mins a day) So if we average that out I am using close to 1400 calories more every day that I’m consuming Right?

If one pound of fat is approximately 3500 calories I should be going through about 1/3 lb a DAY.. in a week that is 2.3 lbs. Which is reasonable weekly weight loss RIGHT?? This week the scale has refused to budge even going up a few lbs.

Ok I KNOW it’s the TOM and I KNOW that I have a tendency to retain water. I am just expressing my exasperation with how illogical weight loss is. I am an old hand at it. I know there are plateaus and then times when you drop a bunch for no apparent reason. I just wish it would follow a nice staid formula.
Weight loss should be MATH so many people seem to think it is but sadly for many of us it doesn’t appear to follow any formula I have the skill to figure out.

So I shall stick with it I imagine in a few week (inside Im praying for days or hours even) I will be able to report a new weight loss victory until this I send this with all my heart to my scale and metabolism.

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