Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ohhh my aching…everything

o I FINALLY tried Zumba last night.  It was awesome and oh so hard.  Good news is I will be able to strive to reach the teachers energy level for all of eternity.  Meaning I will never get complacent or bored lol.  I woke up and did my Callanetics and Run this morning… I was feeling it.  I didn’t realize the CtoK program had me running 8 minutes at a time.  The first stretch of running seemed to never end and then on the second I decided my podcast must be broken and about 6.5 minutes into it I had to drop to a walk.  Considering I had worked out so hard 10 hrs before I’m counting it as a WIN!  First time in my life I have run for an 8 minute stretch!  I think on Friday I should be able to manage both 8 minutes.  I amnot so sure if I’m ready to move to the next week though.  Have to see how it goes. 

 I am pretty certain I’ve lost a pound.  Why the lingering uncertainty you ask?  Because my scale fluctuated up and down this morning so I will check it tomorrow and see what it says. 

I have been working really hard to harness the energy of my up phase in preparation for my down phase (erratically consistent after all) So far so good.  Most goals I have for this month are right on track or even a little ahead of schedule. 

Pretty broke right now we have to get some work done on our home that’s gonna hurt and I desperately need new tires.  Ouch..

I am considering trying a spinning class.  They have them on Tues and Thurs at 5:30am which fits perfectly into my schedule.  I’m just not sure if I can handle that in the am and Zumba in the PM so I will keep eying it for awhile until I feel my fitness level is high enough to try something like that.  The nice thing about belonging to the gym are the class options.  There is a Chisel class right before my Zumba class I can show up a few minutes late and do it before but that also will be awhile need to get stronger first.

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  1. I like the header, tho the orange could be a TOUCH darker or oranger. TINY bit! You're really getting good at the design stuff!!