Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Being sick works for me I guess

I am sick.  I have been sick since last Thursday.  I have not exercised all week.  Apparently that works for me I weighed 230 exactly when I got on the scale.  We will see if that holds lol.  I might actually make it into the 220's by the end of this challenge.  My goal for next week is 228 that means since I have been pushing I will be down 14 lbs from 242.  Not bad.  I will have almost a month to meet my goal of 220 by the time we go on our trip in May.  

I really want to work out on this trip.  I have never accomplished this before but I will be very discouraged if I gain 10lbs on this cruise!  At the same time I want to eat the delicious foods and enjoy myself.  So the only way to do both is to work out enough to offset the extra food!  Hope it works lol.  That's all for today.  Head feels like its floating on the ceiling.  Nose is dripping. 

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