Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I am the salt MONSTER

Ok usually I am a sweets person.  I crave sweet things.  This past week I have been craving SALTY things.  Chips and puffed things in particular.  I dont know why and yes I have indulged this craving more than I ought.  Good news I haven't gained anything time to tighten up.  I got 2 weeks before the cruise and would love to get down to 225 before then!

I also have been incredibly slack about exercise.  Been riding but not going to the gym.  I want to get up and run in the mornings but can't seem to pry myself out of bed.  Gotta get going and training for the 10K!!

Pretty lame update I know sigh.  I made Chinese lemon chicken and fried rice from scratch Friday.  I know not particularly healthy but its better than getting it from fast food all ingredients were healthy and I can pronounce them all :) so I will take it as a win lol. 

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