Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I have made so much progress on my garden.  This is the third year of my extended garden project and I believe it may be the longest I've stuck to any plan!  The first year everything was cleared out a small circle of lawn planted and a clumping bamboo to provide a privacy screen.  I also created a  couple winding gravel paths.  End of that year in the fall i planted my Climbing rose.  Last year I got several varieties of thyme in and got the arbor for the rose.  I also acquired a table for the patio area.  This year I have planted a small herb garden and am using a second set of stairs for a plant stand that is now decked out with plants and a few decorations.  I have two Topsy Turveys in which I will be planting a variety of veggies (yellow bellpepper, orange bellpepper, cucumber, grape tomatoes and the second one will be straight strawberrys)  I have purchased the stand for them and just need to get the rest of the veggies to plant.  I also bought an adorable owl statue for the garden.  I plan on digging in a stump of redwood putting some other garden statue on top and planting English ivy to grow over it.  The last BIG thing I want to do this year is put in my little pond and fountain.  I am very hopeful to get it all done in the next couple months.  That is pretty much the end of the 3 year plan.  I need to maintain things and watch them fill in.  I will get some pictures and update this post with them later on. 

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