Monday, March 14, 2011

And kersplat!!

The stress got me.  I couldn't wrap my mind around planning and preparing meals the past few days and we all know flying by the seat of your pants is a bad thing.  I ate unwisely but fortunately not in huge quantities.  Saturday was the worst...I ate close to 2000 calories which means I wasn't in gaining range but definitely not in losing range and yesterday wasn't much better.  Again I didn't eat a LOT but my choices were pretty bad.  Today was better.  Breakfast was good lunch was decent and dinner eh... still around 1500 calories but sigh the scale is showing the high sodium content I'm up 2 lbs sigh.  I want to hit it hard the next couple days but I'm not feeling confident.  I rode and worked out pretty much every day in the past 7 except today.  I should have gone to the gym but stress is dragging me down.  Gonna perk it back up though.  I can follow this challenge through!! I can!

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