Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Someone lost the memo on spring!

It is cold and rainy here despite the fact that spring officially started Sunday at 4:20pm!  How can I know so specifically you might ask?  I was at the "Academy of Sciences" at that time and that is one of the many interesting facts I learned.  The visit also served to reaffirm my desire for my very own pet Dik Dik.

I did well with eating and exercising yesterday.  I am hoping to be at my  235 goal when I step on the scale tomorrow morning I am not aiming lower than that because my tummy is hurting and somewhat distended due to my TOM.  Next week though I am really going to push hard I would LOVE to be in the 232 range.  I would almost be on target for my goal of losing 15 lbs for this challenge.  I'm a little behind at the moment.

All of this rain has made going riding impossible for me.  Ok maybe not impossible but highly unlikely.  The arena is muddy and I am a whiny light weight when it comes to being cold.  I think my mood transfers to Romeo because he seems supremely unmotivated when I get him out in cold wet weather.  I did have a non riding victory with him last week.  My 1000 lb baby is afraid of fly spray.  I have been working on desensitizing him with it and last week he stopped rearing up and running away every time I came near.  His fear downgraded to an intense suspicion.  I would like to attribute that change to a growing bond between us.  (I give him treats lol) I think he trusts me more and is beginning to believe I would not hurt him.  Note his expression in the image above.  He is keeping an extremely wary eye on the fly bottle.  Ideally I could have gone back several consecutive days to make sure he did not regress but sadly it did not work out that way.  I will have to see how things go when I do make it out there.

I ran last night.  I did my 5K in 40 minutes.  It seemed a bit harder this time but I am very handily going to blame that (and everything else that goes wrong this week) on the TOM.  It's hard to run well when you feel like you are carrying 10 lbs of water around your belly.  I got through it though and tonight I go for Zumba.  I even plan on running for a mile before class to get those extra calories burned off!

I'm looking forward to dinner tonight!  I am making Pesto Chicken Pasta with whole grain noodles and grape tomatoes.  I think I will throw some olives in it as well.  I will try to take a picture for tomorrows page if I remember.  I got some healthy snacks at Trader Joe's today.  Even some Dark Chocolate covered Cherries.  They are only 18 calories each and as long as I am moderate I can have a couple a day to help with that sweet tooth!  Also got some "Less Guilt" pita chips. Yum!

On that note I leave you with the following image as we all impatiently wait for spring to kick in for real!  Interesting note all the flowers in the picture below grow wild in California!

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