Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Non Scale Victories

I have been thinking about non scale victories aka NSV’s the changes during your weight loss journey.  These things are the whole reason you choose to lose weight in the first thing.  The 100 annoyances that come from being too big. 

One of my favorite NSV is the regained ability to cross my legs when sitting.  I spend quite a bit of time in dresses and skirts this is huge for me.  This was such a big deal to me that I used to daydream about an invention that would hook a heavy persons knees together when sitting.   I still can’t cross “prettily” but I can do it comfortably.  Every time I cross my legs I get a little thrill of excitement.  Finally months after I reclaimed this ability I have begun to restrain myself from excitedly pointing it out to my husband.  Huzby was very forbearing even managing to muster some excitement for me the first hundred times I pointed excitedly at my crossed legs.  Now I can tell he is starting to suppress rolled eyes.

 Another NSV is the ability to sit in and get out of chairs that have arms without them becoming a permanent part of me.  It is so nice to actually be able to use the arm chairs for my arms instead of them becoming embedded in my hips inches below my elbows.  

 I have almost gotten over my fear of other people backseats.  That traitorous chime that compels the driver to survey if everyone has their seatbelt buckled. With me struggling once again to stretch the seatbelt around my bulk.  Sometimes managing it panting red faced but victorious for its much worse when I have to acknowledge that it does not fit me.  Weakly letting them know that its not law for the backseat passenger and assuring them that if there is a ticket I would be the one to get it.    

Additionally for the most part I can find clothes that fit me almost anywhere instead of shopping specialty stores or departments.   

Then there is my absolute favorite NSV the ability to ride horses again!  I missed riding so much and it has given me untold joy to be back in the saddle!!

So today I meditate on my victories as my weekly weigh in postponed until tomorrow morning looms on the distance.  I have hope!  I was able to Zumba yesterday and will be running tonight.  We shall see.


  1. I love you, hen, and I'm very proud of how well you are doing. Thank you for finding an eating habit that doesn't make me urinate nonstop like that cleanse, as well.

    That having been said:

  2. I enjoyed this post very much, Em...thank you. It's so good to focus on such things! I'm very proud of you - you have accomplished a lot! You GO GIRL! ;)