Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another good week

For my Wednesday Spring in 2 action weigh in I am down another couple pounds to 234.2 lbs.  I am content with my progress.  I am about 1.5 lbs behind in reaching my goal of 15 lbs by April 13 but I am losing so happy with that.  Next week I would like to be down to 232.

I went to Zumba last night.  Had fun.  Its great to work out in a way where you are not counting down the seconds.  Sadly I tend to do that when running.  I don't care though I have goal with that.  I want to get up to running a 10K and I think that is going to take awhile. 

My Pesto dish turned out really yummy.  I ended up adding a bit of feta to it and thought it was quite delicious.  About a cup came to 350 calories and that was plenty for me! I picked up some whole grain pita at Trader Joe's and want to make chicken salad for lunch.  I have been feeling like trying some healthier recipes and forgot that I do like whole wheat pasta it has more flavor than white and I like that its a bit chewier it feels more substantial and filling.  Of course in moderation as its still high in carbs!  Anywho tonight I run.  Not sure how I will do I'm feeling pretty sore today.  I also still didn't do my next Push up workout.  I keep forgetting.  TONIGHT though lol..

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