Thursday, March 24, 2011

I like the sound of rain on a tin roof but...

I expect to look outside and see spring just float by.  It is still raining non-stop.  This morning I was so cold I literally had the space heater on my lap and was working with my arms reaching around it.  We are starting to get mud slides and my poor Moms room keeps flooding!  Any time now the rain can stop!!

I was unable to work out last night.  I got off work late and lets face it the real reason is in Zumba she had us doing squats and butt kicks and I have been so sore that I groan getting in and out of my chair!!  I over ate yesterday but today I'm back on track.

I have been breaking out all the shirts I could not wear last year and so far everything fits.  I have one pair of capri pants that I can now put on.  They are SKIN tight but I can put them on and if I wanted to look like a woman of questionable morals (and taste) I could wear them out...of course there would be fear of buttons popping when I sat down lol.  So those are going to be my current "skinny jeans" I will use them to guage the success of my efforts over the next few months.

I am feeling pretty happy today.  A lot of the chaos that has been going on has finally settled down.  Finances have calmed and work is looking pretty good at the moment.  I have A lot to look forward to over the next couple months.  I will as always be excessively busy but with good things!

I also have a experimental stew in the crock pot at home.  I'm looking forward to it.  Stew is ideal for this rainy weather!  Oh my anniversary present for this year is a Nook.  I chose the basic one.  I decided I didn't need all the bells and whistles as I'm planning on using it to read not surf the web or anything.  I am quite excited!

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