Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Victory! but oh so tired...

Ok so the bad news is I did not make my goal of 235 but that's ok.  I did lose one pound.  I'm down to 236.6 and I will take it.  Its been such a rocky week at least I didn't gain right.  I worked out really hard last night.  Running for 20 minutes then doing the Zumba class.  I think that worked wonders with flushing out the fluid I was retaining.  I will set next weeks goal at 235.  Dan and I are going to be celebrating our anniversary this weekend and I won't pig out but I'm pretty sure I wont be eating low calorie either.  

I would like to work on preparing my meals ahead of time again.  I did really good last week but this week I was so overwhelmed I kinda let things go and allowed the hunger to decide meals.  All things considered I did much better than I would have done in the past with the choices I made.  I really must get organized!  I did try a couple "smart ones" the frozen meals weight watchers puts out and found that I really enjoyed them I need to stock some more!

My jaw is about to fall off from the amount of yawning I'm doing.  I spent 2 hours on the phone with Verizon tech support last night.  They finally got our DSL working but then my wireless router would not reset and by the time I got shuffled off to the router support and was informed that it would cost for them to support their product I was done it was midnight and I was exhausted.  So the DSL modem is configured currently to act as a bridge and I need to change it so at least the desktop will work.  I am so tired of dealing with tech support.  The silver lining is I now know where to call anytime I just want to yell.  

The washing machine is scheduled to be fixed tomorrow.  The roof was repaired on Monday.  I have talked to the handyman to get the new toilet installed and now we need to get huzby's car looked at.  Its sounding like it might be the CV joints.  Sigh.  We will figure it out.  

Tonight I run!

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