Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lackluster Showing

I lost a little this week sadly not my goal.  This morning I weighted in at 233.6.  Is it good or bad news that I can say its all my fault.  I barely worked out this week and did not eat according to "plan" more days than not.  I have two weeks left on the Spring into Action Challenge.  If I can REALLY buckle down I can get into the high 220's by the end.  That is the plan.  I need to finish this challenge strong not peter out.  As my partner Cindy said we chose an apt name.  Erratically consistent.  Now its time to hit a consistent phase!

I am so totally exhausted today.  I have been staying up too late lately.  The problem is that no matter how tired I am all day right around 10pm (right when I should be going to sleep) I get a burst of energy and I start working on some project or start to clean and the next think I know its 1:00am and I've doomed myself to another night with only 6 hours of sleep.  This does not lend itself to having the energy to plan food or exercise.  This cycle is why one of my goals initial goals was to get 8hrs of sleep.  I am going to concentrate on that this week.  I aim getting to bed on time and get up when the alarm goes off instead of hitting snooze for half an hour.  I know that if I'm not well rested my already flaccid Will Power completely shrivels in fact I think it turns into negative will power.  I need to feel rested and alert to stick to the "plan" and head off temptations as they come my way!  Now that it looks like the rain has FINALLY stopped.  I want to try to start running a few times Before work.  Not only will my dog thank me but it will enable me to start the day off in the right frame of mind.

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