Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's oh so quiet

  I feel very quiet today.  A pessimist would call it blank an optimist would call it peaceful.  I'm going to go with quiet.  I feel mildly sleepy.  Not from lack of sleep for once!  Its from sitting in my quiet office during a mildly grey day cuddled in my wrap sipping my water methodically plowing through a never ending stack of paperwork.  

  Last night was the last night of pet/house sitting.  I am looking forward to getting back to my home.  Usually I love house sitting its like a mini vacation but this time it was so sudden and it was during an extremely busy weekend.  Its thrown my eating plan off.  I just wasn't up for lugging food from my fridge over to the house every day so we ended up eating out a lot.  The good news is every time we ate out I stretched each meal to 2-3 so I wasn't the bad news is I'm pretty sure due to the Chinese I am retaining massive amounts of water and I'm deeply concerned about tomorrows weigh in for the  Spring Challenge I am trying not to obsess panic stress think about it to much though.  

  I did my second day of the first week of the 100 Push up Challenge I found it more difficult than the first one.  Perhaps because I was still a bit sore from the first go.  I am planning on doing it every other day through this week so by Monday of next week I will be on the third week.  I started a bit late and I hate feeling behind.  

  Tonight before my meeting I plan on going to Zumba.  I need to work out harder this week.  That is my update for today.  Oh the gingersnaps are gone.  Huzby ate a good bit of what was left and I polished them off last night.  I am proud however that there has been a box of Samoa's floating around since Saturday and I have only eaten 4 of them.  For me that is progress of sorts lol.

EDIT:  I just found out I need to spend another night house  sitting.  Sigh.  Since we already packed up and all I prob will run by the house tonight grab clothes for work tomorrow and stay over on my own.  That hopefully will give me the chance to get my food for tomorrow in order.  I sure hope I'm not up when I weigh in.  Its gonna have to wait til Thursday morning though. 

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