Thursday, March 17, 2011

Good news first!

I ran last night and got my time down to 40 MINUTES!  I know its not a huge change but I didn't see any progress for so long that I was getting a bit discouraged.  I even felt pretty good for most the run.  I did walk a bit but most of it was running!  I need to work on my endurance!  Oh and another thing my lower back tends to be sore after a run.  I work hard on tucking my hips but nonetheless I feel some sciatic pain on the left side after every run.  This time there was NONE!  Woohoo.

Another huge win... I got on the scale this morning and was down 2 MORE lbs!  Does crazy dance.  That means I'm at 234.6!!  Wish I had got that number yesterday would mean a 3 lb loss for the Spring into action Challenge this week.  I'm not gonna cry over it though just celebrate the number.  I am still hesitant to go to wild with my next week goal.  I might just set it at 234 for now.  I want to see how this weekend goes.  

*Edit* I forgot to add that I tried on 3 shirts last night that I couldn't wear before they are size 16.  2 were too tight on my arms and 1 all around.  They all fit!!! My arms are shrinking.  I attribute it to the despised push up challenge I finished week 2 day three last night.  It was tough but I did it and after seeing those shirts slide on made it all worth it!*Edit*

Now for the bad news.  The washer is going to cost $364.00 to fix.  I may be sick.  On top of the $400 we just spent on the roof and the pending $400 ish on getting Dan's car worked on.  UGH.  Hate months like this.  Oh and Romeo needs vaccinations.  Breath in breath out focus on the good stuff I was talking about before.  Looking forward to the weekend.  Fortunately my bonus finally came through and it will help a lot!!

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